Hello I’m Suzanne, the person being “The Musings of Spu”

I’m currently trying to get my head around how wordpress works & all the tech but if you’ve reached this point, then I guess you’re about to start reading my blogs!

Basically the blogs are all about my experiences as a disabled person but also recovering from breast cancer – I was diagnosed in March 2020.

These experiences have the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Trying to grapple with life when you feel that you’re living on the edge of society has always been a bit of a theme in my life as I was born with an impairment. However, it’s taken on a new meaning as like a lot of disabled people, we’ve suddenly found ourselves reduced to being “vulnerable” and the only solution for us is to just “stay at home.”

All I can hope is that this blog helps someone in the future.

Take it easy.

Published by The Musings of Spu

I'm an Essex girl who went West to find fame and fortune. 'The Musings of Spu' is the home of all my creative output, whether that be my writing or the 'stuff' I've made.

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