The Musings of Spu

This is my blog where the weirdness in my head comes to life in words and in art.

The picture has been created by me.  It's a series of coloured lines which differ in lengths and widths.  There are three colours - pillar box red, rose gold metallic and metallic purple.  The artwork has been created using red lipstick, rose gold liquid eyeshadow and purple nail polish.  I wanted to create a piece with my party make-up because I didn't want it to go to waste in my drawer.

Alt Text: The picture I’ve created is made out of purple metallic nail polish, rose gold metallic liquid eye shadow and pillar box red lipstick. It’s a series of lines that differ in width and length. I created it out of these materials as I didn’t want my party make-up to go to waste in a drawer.