Alt text: The image is a head-shot photograph of me, taken on Goldborne Road, West London, UK, outside a pink-fronted shop and a black-fronted shop. I’ve got long highlighted bleached blonde hair. I’m wearing a black baseball cap and big black-rimmed glasses. I’m wearing a face mask in the design of Mexican Day of the Dead. The images include blood-red roses, a gothic lady with red-rimmed eyes and lips, and jet-black hair. There are a couple of other grey and yellow skulls and gouls that you can see on the mask.

I’m a disabled woman who left Essex for the London lights 30+ years ago. During the COVID-19 pandemic, like most people, I stayed home and had time on my hands. I returned to my first love which is writing and I also started making artwork again. The Musings of Spu is my venture into publishing my work.

I was also diagnosed with breast cancer during the pandemic, which was pretty mind-bending. My intention is to also use this space to reflect on all that’s happened to me and to try and convey what it’s like to be disabled and then also be diagnosed with another serious illness. It might be of help to others going through the same hell, and if you are, I completely empathise.

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