The IG Stories Takeover

I was invited by Breast Cancer Now to take over their Instagram Stories for #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth2022 Alt Text: A screen shot of an Instagram page.  A white lady with long brown/blond hair, wearing round pink/brown glasses, a black top, large silver hoop earrings and a silver chain, leans against pink wallpaper with skulls & butterflies onContinue reading The IG Stories Takeover

The Queen & I – A “Blogette”

It’s deeply unfashionable for a post-punker to be writing about the Queen.  But I’m not in fashion. Alt text: A black woollen winter coat is laid out on a spotted duvet cover.  Pinned on one lapel is a round badge with a painting of a woman on it.  Pinned on the other lapel is aContinue reading The Queen & I – A “Blogette”

Holidaying after Breast Cancer

Part of returning to life ‘After B.C.’ (Breast Cancer) is going on holiday outside of the UK. Alt Text: A selfie of a white man & woman, taken at an intersection of the road with a statue in the background (it’s Bastille, Paris).  The man is wearing a grey, flat cap, tortoise-shell rimmed glasses, aContinue reading “Holidaying after Breast Cancer”